What To Expect From Samsung’s Folding Galaxy F Smartphone

You know how you can fold a piece of paper in half? Now you can do that with a phone, too.

It’s a hard concept to even imagine and I feel like it must be nerve-wracking to actually physically do for the first time. After all, up until now who could even imagine folding up a screen to slip it into your pocket. It definitely makes me think of broken glass and an unfortunate, expensive cascade of phone parts.

However, as proven by Samsung, that’s not the case. The Galaxy F, makes use of bendable display technology known as ‘Infinity Flex’ and allows a smartphone to seamlessly unfold out into a tablet for a big screen size and then effortlessly fold back up into a smartphone and slide into a pocket. This kind of wizardry doesn’t come without a premium price, however, with commentators expecting a dollar amount north of $1700 USD.

It’s hard to even imagine so you’ll have to see it to believe it. Start with this video of the prototype and then look out for the real deal in March 2019. A run of one million units of the Galaxy F have been commissioned.