Pre-order The Xbox Elite Series Controller To Be Released This November

Microsoft has announced the release of a slick new Xbox controller set to hit shelves this coming November. The Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller is a redesign of the previous model that comes with a host of new and updated features.

The controller includes a rechargeable battery and Bluetooth connectivity, adjustable tension thumbsticks (with three different resistance settings), new rubber grips and a shorter hair trigger lock system. Microsoft has also promised the Elite 2 will be the most durable controller they’ve released and will be compatible with both Windows PC and Xbox One.

Interestingly, another added feature is the ability to customise the controller to your liking with the Xbox Accessories app. Using the app you’ll be able to configure options such as deadzone adjustment and button mapping to voice commands, meaning you can record gameplay or take screenshots by uttering the words instead of entering various menus and pushing button combinations.

The Series 2 is set for release this November 4 and will retail for AU$249.95. You can pre-order the controller from

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