Aston Martin’s Next Level Hypercar Is Going To Be Street Legal

Aston Martin’s Next Level Hypercar Is Going To Be Street Legal

Revealed at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, the Aston Martin Valkyrie, an unprecedented hybrid between Red Bull’s Formula 1 racing technology and Aston Martin’s supercar prowess, has been confirmed as a street-legal vehicle.

An announcement that certainly caught many sceptics off guard, somehow the 1130 horsepower hypercar will be permitted to grace the conventional roads alongside your compact SUV’s and the local school bus.

Aston have released further insights into the progress of Valkyrie’s design – which is currently 95 percent complete – most notably with interior snapshots and details surrounding the ultra-lightweight composition of the car’s exterior.

Aston have sought to save weight in every aspect of the car’s design. The anodised aluminium frame used for the headlamps is 30-40% lighter than anything ever seen before on an Aston Martin, the winged badge sitting front and centre a mere 70 microns thick – that’s 30% thinner than a human hair.

Inside, Aston’s signature detailing has been replaced with a minimal, monotone look. Any non-essentials have been stripped from the dash, smaller screens replace the rear view and side-view mirrors to maximise aerodynamics on the exterior of the vehicle, and the two seater cockpit is mounted directly to the carbon tub.

The Formula 1-style steering wheel is detachable, and hosts all the bells and whistles within its rectangular design. Four-point harnesses and a feet-up seating profile will surely remind you of monstrous power underneath you, before you decide to boost through a school zone.

For a deeper look inside the unfathomable Aston Martin Valkyrie, browse through the gallery above. Valkyrie will begin production in 2018, with Aston Martin having already sold out of this unprecedented hypercar.