The Lucid Lines & Sharp Styling Of The Chery Omoda 5

The Lucid Lines & Sharp Styling Of The Chery Omoda 5

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The Chery Omoda 5 arrives in the Australian market this year as one of the strongest value propositions in the ultra-competitive Cross-SUV segment, packed full of tech and comfort features at a compelling price point.

But those elements alone won’t be enough to see them everywhere on the roads of our capital cities, which is why the design team behind the Chery Omoda 5 have gone to such lengths to deliver a car that, first and foremost, looks bloody great in any garage.

Side note – if you missed it, we actually bought a Boss Hunting Chery Omoda 5. Click here to read and watch the process, and also consider learning more about the Omoda 5’s tech and value proposition in these articles.

There’s a good reason that Aussies love compact SUVs. With all the interior space you could need for a weekend away or a young family, they’re also not so large that you’ll ever struggle to squeeze into a tight park at the supermarket or have problems ducking under the height limit of an apartment-building car park – AKA, perfect for the metro urban lifestyle.

From the outside, the Chery Omoda 5 has a seductive profile whose design punches well above its price point. Despite starting at $29,990 (before on-roads), the Omoda 5 even considers aerodynamic efficiency (including a mini-spoiler sweeping back from the roofline), with chiselled angles along the body and a rising waistline complimenting the windows that attractively taper towards the rear. In fact, a number of the design details are reminiscent of the Range Rover Evoque, which Chery manufactured for British marque on their behalf for the Chinese market, especially in the rear three-quarters of the vehicle with its heightened wheel arches and large door panels.

Chery’s Omoda 5 arrives at 4.4m in length, 1.83m in width and just shy of 1.59 in height, which keeps it nimble enough to duck from lane to lane on the dual carriageway, but doesn’t skimp on interior volume with a 360L boot that expands to 1075L when the rear seats are folded down. The interior also has a number of greater design details, including Alcantara padded charging pads for the key and your phone, pushbutton start and ambient lighting around the cabin that can pulsate with your music if you choose.

The front fascia of the Omoda 5 boasts an unmissable geometric design with diamond-shaped chromed highlights that look great, while the light signature is a visual treat thanks to its T-shaped running lights and staggered matrix tail lights paired with LED headlights. The quality light design continues to the rear, with the same aggressive wraparound tail lights you’ll have seen on many higher-end European cars and domino-effect brake lights that come to life when you unlock the car.

All considered, especially when you consider the price of $29,990 before on-roads, the Chery Omoda 5 is a compelling new entrant to the compact SUV market no matter which angle you look at it from. From its tech and interior styling to the design of the silhouette, there’s little doubt it’ll find success Down Under as it dominates showrooms across the country.

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