The Only Six-Speed Manual Ferrari F430 Scuderia Is For Sale

Would you believe it if we said that Ferrari hasn’t offered a manual transmission since 2010!?

Why, you’re asking? Ferrari always wants to be the fastest, and quite simply, you can’t be the fastest with a manual gearbox. Automatic transmissions have become so shit hot in recent years that the only way of shaving valuable tenths of a second off a 0-100 km/h squirt is by letting computers do the legwork.

San Antonio natives European Auto Group, who are specialists proficient in the first generation of automated manual transmissions, have reverse engineered the earliest Ferrari automatic technology into a one-of-a-kind manual on a very special F430 Scuderia.

After confirming that all the necessary parts were still available from Ferrari, it took a year of re-pinning and reprogramming to create the one-off weapon. It was also necessary to “fabricate a pedestal for the shifter, match the leather, modify the firewall to mount the new clutch and brake pedals and route a shift linkage where none had gone before.”

The Manual Ferrari F430 Scuderia dropped past duPont Registry’s office this week to showcase EAG’s masterpiece. You can view the full listing here, priced at US$289,900.

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