The Genesis G70 Shooting Brake Is The Perfect Luxury SUV Alternative

The Genesis G70 Shooting Brake Is The Perfect Luxury SUV Alternative

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We’ve long been fans of wagons here at Boss Hunting. Not only do they match the same luggage space as SUVs, but they also better their handling, aerodynamics and fuel economy. We get it; a couple of decades ago wagons tended to be a tad daggy, but nowadays, they are some of the most handsome silhouettes on the market, least of all because they’re few and far between.

Genesis is the latest to throw their hat in said luxury wagon genre with the G70 Shooting Brake, and we have to say, on first impressions, it looks the business. Based on their renowned G70 sedan, the long-roof version offers SUV-like practicality but with all the dynamic advantages of a low centre of gravity and an athletic presence on the road.

Admiring the exterior of the G70 Shooting Brake in the BH garage, we couldn’t help but appreciate the details. Similar to the sedan, the front of the G70 gets that oversized crest grille, but it sits lower and more aggressive this time. Similarly, with the signature quad headlamp design, the Shooting brake just looks slightly more muscly in key areas, such as its panther-like haunches.

From side on, the Shooting Brake’s streamlined silhouette continues to impress. The single-piece glass hatch and the floating rear spoiler creates some visual texture which anchors the tail with aplomb.

Despite boasting a price-tag that’s a fair premium over the sedan, its worth knowing that the final example you’ll drive away in already has all the juicy option boxes ticked. You’re getting the absolute best of the brand in one, no-fuss package. The sport line styling, for example, boasts 19-inch alloys, aluminium trim, dark accents, sports pedals, and plush leather quilting.

And the attractive design language of the G70 continues to impress in the interior. The lines between sport and luxury blur from surface to textile, but there’s always a cohesion at play. The driving position is ergonomically sound, with the intelligent 3D instrument cluster helping the driver dial into the driving experience, all the while off-set by the comfort provided by quilted leather and heated seats. Where one feature adds to performance, another heightens the luxury. And of course, the sunroof is always a welcomed addition in an Australian market keen to maximise the light-filled potential of the cabin with fresh air and warm rays.

genesis g70 shooting brake

In terms of electronic kit, the G70 is well-equipped. A 10.25-inch infotainment touchscreen with wired Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, digital radio and satellite navigation is your one-stop shop for intuitive entertainment, and the 15-speaker lexicon sound system provides a boisterous companion.

Technology aside, the pièce de résistance of the shooting brake’s interior is the space. At 465 litres, it’s 40 percent bigger than the sedan, and with a 4:2:4 rear seat folding option, we found that the interior could do anything, if not more, than most modern SUVs. Least of all fit the golf clubs for a casual afternoon at the driving range, or the surfboards for a trip up on the coast on the weekend.

genesis g70 shooting brake

While we could sit here for days and wax lyrical about its looks, we thought we should spend some time with one of the most compelling wagons released in recent years and see if its performance matches its posturing.

Out on the road, the Genesis G70 Shooting Brake is all about smoothness and efficiency. The 2.0-litre turbo four-cylinder produces an ample 179kW/353Nm; considering the light 1,699 kg (kerb) package, it has a respectable power to weight ratio of 105.4kW/t. Power is sent to the rear wheels via an eight-speed auto, and while it’s not exactly a power sliding animal, there is a limited slip diff if you want to enjoy a spirited squirt. Australia won’t be receiving the V6 option, but rest assured the four-cylinder still produces an admirable purr and subsequent smile from those pumping the throttle.

Genesis claims a combined fuel cycle of  9.1L/100km, and with the 60L fuel tank, you should be able to do around 650kms before the light comes on.

The shooting brake comes with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres as standard, which offer excellent dry grip, but some might want more confidence in the wet, especially considering the rear-wheel drive. The Brembo performance brakes were very impressive, to the point where we thought their performance was almost self-indulgent given the application of the car, but we certainly weren’t complaining.

Overall, the Genesis G70 Shooting Brake is a very handsome, athletic, and practical piece of kit. The design team have really nailed that often butchered dichotomy of practicality with luxury, to the point where it is one of the best examples on the market. And it’s a slim ‘shooting brake’ market at that, at least one that clocks in at the sub-$80,000 mark before on roads.

Fortunately, when it comes to wagons, you’ll never have to wrestle with a heart over head dilemma. You can get the best of the market’s attractive, cult-like aesthetics matched to a coveted practicality perhaps only seen elsewhere in SUVs.

For more information and to book a test drive at your local Genesis dealer, hit the link below.

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