— Updated on 12 August 2022

Lamborghini Teases Production-Ready Rally Huracan Sterrato

— Updated on 12 August 2022

Many critics in car circles believe Lamborghini isn’t the pretty lunatic it once was. When Volkswagen acquired the Italian marque in 1998 (under the Audi banner), there was a general sense that the Germans would engineer out the passion and tame the bull, so to speak. While there’s an argument to be made with some of its initial releases, there’s a feeling in the air that Lamborghini is starting to find its edge once again.

Lamborghini released its off-road Huracan Sterrato back in 2019 and was met with plenty of admiration. Essentially, it was a Huracan with raised suspension, off-road tyres, a reinforced chassis, some protective bodywork, and a bunch of rally-esque lighting + scaffolding. Lamborghni’s technical boss Maurizio Reggiani said at the time that its, “R&D and design teams are constantly exploring new opportunities and delivering the unexpected as a core characteristic of our DNA,” but few people thought we’d ever see a production version off the heretic Huracan.

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After a teaser video was recently released, it looks like the concept is about to become a reality. Of course, we haven’t had official confirmation as such, although the car in the video does seem to be a production version of the Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato concept.

While we seem to have lost the roof-mounted LED light bar, the roof rack offers some encouragement for an extensive accessory catalogue. The slatted engine cover appears to have grown an air intake – which we’re a fan of – and the black plastic cladding around the wheels was a pragmatic carry-over from the concept.

With Audi’s knowledge from its rally days partnered with Lamborghini’s passion and silliness, the Huracan Sterrato could be the most exciting package to house that iconic 5.2-litre naturally aspirated V10.
We still don’t have a price or release date — expect a release before the end of the year.

Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato
Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato

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