Lexus & Marvel Collab For Limited ‘Black Panther’ Themed Coupé

This one is straight out of left field, and no, we didn’t see it coming either.

Still unsure what to think of it, here we have the debrief on Lexus’ plans to create a limited run of vehicles inspired by Marvel’s latest theatrical jaunt – the Black Panther.

Available (we assume) only in the United States, Lexus is introducing not one, but actually two new vehicles ahead of the February 2018 release of the film. The panther pack will consist of a 2018 Lexus LC 500, and a concept coupé that has been named the Black Panther-Inspired LC.

This Inspiration Series will feature an iridescent ‘Structural Blue’ colour and a bespoke white interior, of which only 100 will be sold.