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Rick Ross Camouflage Tank

Rick Ross Shows Off His Camouflage Tank With Louis Vuitton Leather Seats

Regular readers of BH will know that just because Rick Ross only got his driver’s licence recently, doesn’t mean he…

Lamborghini Countach 5000 Quattrovalvole

Rare Lamborghini Countach Hits The Auction Block With Just 7,000km On The Dash

The Lamborghini Countach is the cult-followed supercar of the moment after 2021 saw a limited edition rerelease of the Marcello Gandini…

BMW 7 Series Cinema Theatre Screen

The 2023 BMW 7 Series Features A 31-Inch Theatre Screen In The Back Seat

After much anticipation, the 2023 BMW 7 Series is finally here, and there’s a lot to take in. From the…

McLaren New Feature

Don’t Let It Fool You, This Everyday Driver Has McLaren Pulsing Through Its Veins

When you think of McLaren, many things come to mind. Formula 1 constructor… supercar royalty… groundbreaking technologies… Whatever the famous…

1997 porsche 911 turbo owned by denzel washington

Denzel Washington’s Porsche 911 Turbo Just Sold For Over $540,000

The 1997 Porsche 911 Turbo 993 “exclusively owned” by the one and only Denzel Washington has recently gone under the…

Rolls Royce LR Feature

Lunch Run #39: Gelato Messina In The Rolls-Royce Black Badge Ghost

Buckle up for a brand-new season of our Facebook Watch & IGTV ‘Lunch Run’ series, where we talk cars, food, and…

6 Retro SUVs That Punch Above Their Weight

The thought of buying a car as an appreciating asset might sound counterintuitive to many, but for those in the…

Prodrive Hunter

Prodrive Has Created The $2.2 Million All-Terrain Hunter Hypercar

There are some things in this world that make more sense the longer you look at them, and the Prodrive…

2022 Mercedes Benz G Class Edition 550 X

Stitch Up: The New Limited-Edition G-Wagen Won’t Be Coming To Australia

Ordinarily, the announcement of anything related to the G-wagen would be cause for celebration. Sometimes it doesn’t even need to…

1967 Toyota Shelby 2000 GT

This 1967 Toyota-Shelby 2000 GT Just Became The Most Expensive Japanese Car Ever Sold

Carroll Shelby might no longer be with us, but his unparalleled influence remains as strong as ever in the automotive…

Jay Leno Ferrari 1

Jay Leno Owns 180 Cars But Not A Single Ferrari (And There’s A Hilarious Explanation)

You’d expect a man with the same net worth, connections, proclivities, and web series as Jay Leno to own a…

Liberty Walk Suzuki Jimny Race Baby G Wagen Mini G Wagen

Someone Turned Their Suzuki Jimny Into The Dream Baby G-Wagen

South African tuning shop Race! and Liberty Walk has turned one cashed-up bloke’s Suzuki Jimny into the ultimate Baby G-Wagen….