Famous ‘The Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift’ Nissan 350Z Up For Sale

For those fans of the severely underrated classic of Tokyo Drift, there’s now a chance to become Drift King. A Nissan 350Z from the film has gone up for sale for a nice little sum of US$134,222 – five times the original price. Acting as the vehicle for one of the film’s central figures Takashi (aka Drift King), it’s instantly recognisable with the typical decal styling.

Only one of six used for filming and the one surviving car to include the APS twin turbo engine, the 350Z contains extensive performance upgrades. With a carbon fiber spoiler, racing seats and 19-inch wheels and a NOS tank just for show, the collectible still has the original body artwork and very little on the odometer. Registered in Japan four years ago, a private collector purchased it directly from Universal Pictures after the film’s release.

Check out the listing here and remind yourself of the epic scene here.