Five Essentials To Help Protect Your Car This Winter

Five Essentials To Help Protect Your Car This Winter

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Australian winters might not be as savage to vehicles as our friends in the northern hemisphere, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take precautions to protect our rides. From condensation to corrosion, winters consistently chip away at vehicle safety and maintenance, devaluing our cars in the process. Of course, owning a garage is preferable. Still, unfortunately, most Australians don’t have this luxury, and for those that do, they are not even safe from battery and moisture issues. But don’t fret, dear readers; we have compiled a list of five eBay products that should fend off those winter nasties with aplomb. 

Bowden’s ” Wet Dreams ” Spray-on Sealant

Of course, as great as covers are at protecting exteriors, they must come off at some point. Enter Australian-made goodness in a bottle, Bowden’s Wet Dreams. Essentially it’s a spray-on, rinse-off protective sealant that gives your paint a bit of respite from moisture and UV.

The formula uses 100% all locally made Australian ingredients and is blended and filled right here—another exceptional car care product from our local favourites.

Autotechnica Waterproof Car Cover

While the thought of taking a car cover on and off might sound bothersome, the damage and devaluing from a few winters will be far more aggravating. But like most things, you get what you pay for, and Autotechnica is a brand worth spending the extras. Their covers feature soft, non-scratch fleece linings, protect your interior and paint from UV, and are electro-welded in high resistance PVC to stand up against apocalyptic levels of rain. They make them in sizes to fit most vehicles and include a storage bag to chuck in the boot.

Of course, if you’re after something a little flashier and you’d like to channel your inner Joey Tribbiani, feel free to low ball on this genuine Porsche cover

Gooloo Portable Jump Starter

Winter is tough on car starts, as the battery has to do more work to get that internal combustion firing. On top of that, we don’t tend to use our vehicles as much, and infrequent battery use means more discharge and, ultimately, less juice to fire up our beloved. Trickle chargers and alligator leads are always handy, but we don’t always have access to mains power or another vehicle. Enter the Gooloo portable jump starter.

The little 1500A unit can jump-start most vehicles (up to 8.0L petrol or 6.0L diesel engines), and with a 15W Type-C and dual USB ports on board, you can also charge a plethora of electronic devices until your heart’s content.

Bosch Aerotwin Wiper Blades

Winters in most areas mean dewy windscreens. While they make great content for fitness vloggers “getting it done” in the wee hours, the condensation also impedes visibility. At less than $30 a blade and a two-minute fitment, there’s really no excuse to freshen up your wiper blades every couple of years. There are plenty of brands out there, but it’s hard to go past Bosch’s Aerotwins. They are well engineered and feature an aerodynamic design that creates down-force against the windscreen to prevent excessive movement and wiper vibration.

Deerma Portable Mini Dehumidifier

So what about you smug garage owners out there? Well, for those that flee to warmer climates over winter, storing your pride and joy can develop moisture and mould issues that are a nightmare to rectify. Enter the Deerma portable mini dehumidifier. Essentially it’s as obvious as it sounds and effective as it looks. The little unit absorbs moisture via silica pebbles that swell as they drink in the damp air. Once the beads bulge to capacity, you plug the device back into power, heat and dry the silica out, then place it back in your car and do it all over again.

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