Russell Westbrook Los Angeles Lakers

Russell Westbrook Has Been Traded To The Los Angeles Lakers

After being eliminated from the 2021 playoffs in embarrassingly quick fashion – especially considering the fact they were the defending…

Tom Cruise Test Drive Red Bull Racing F1 Car David Coulthard

Remember When Tom Cruise Crushed His Red Bull Racing F1 Test Drive?

Tom Cruise has been making Formula 1-related headlines recently. The A-lister was spotted at Silverstone during the British Grand Prix…

James Harden Strip Clubs 2

Statistically, James Harden Performs Worse In Cities With Better Quality Strip Clubs

There are very few blokes on God’s green Earth who enjoy strip clubs as much as NBA star James Harden….

Yuto Horigome First Olympic Skateboarding Gold

Yuto Horigome: Meet The First Ever Olympic Skateboarding Gold Medalist

He grew up in Tokyo, skating the streets with his brothers from the age of seven. Now, 15 years after…

Tokyo Olympic condoms

Tokyo Olympic Athletes Aren’t Allowed To Use The 160,000 Condoms They’ve Been Given

Reports of sex at the Olympic Games are pretty varied, from claims that it’s not all that common, to an…

Brisbane Summer Olympics 2032

Brisbane Will Host The Olympics In 2032

Welp… it’s time to tidy up a bit around the old Brown Snake. Because as of last night, Brisbane has…

kickboxing muay thai sambo olympic sports 1 1

Kickboxing, Muay Thai, & Sambo Are Now Officially Olympic Sports

As surfing, skateboarding, climbing, and karate prepare to debut in Tokyo this year, a handful of fast-paced combat sports have…

NBA Finals 2021 Milwaukee Bucks Game 6 Giannis Antetokounmpo 1

NBA Finals 2021: Milwaukee Bucks Secure The Championship In Game 6

The Phoenix Suns may have campaigned tremendously this season, but it’s the Milwaukee Bucks who will go home with championship…

Screen Shot 2021 07 19 at 6.56.06 pm

How Fast Is Deadly? A Short Physics Lesson From Verstappen’s 51G Crash At Silverstone

Speed doesn’t kill you. On May 26, 1969, the Apollo 10 command module clocked an almost unfathomable 39,938 km/h (that’s…

Formula 1 sprint qualifying

Formula 1 To Debut Sprint Qualifying At British Grand Prix Tonight

Following an agreement reached between the FIA, Formula 1, as well as all ten teams currently on grid, an all-new…

F1 Drivers with 2022 Car

The 2022 F1 Car Promises Better Racing By Combating Dirty Air

After 21 formal design iterations and 7500 simulations the 2022 F1 car, which looks like Adrian Newey’s wet dream, has…

Lionel Messi New Contract FC Barcelona

Lionel Messi Takes Massive Pay Cut In New Five-Year Barcelona Contract

Lionel Messi may have held the title for world’s richest sports contract in years gone past, but after agreeing to…