The 10 Best Jerry Skiing Stacks You’ll Ever See

The boys at Jerry of the Day have been providing us with only the best of the world’s on-mountain shenanigans for a few years now. Out of the thousands of submissions they receive, a very small percentage make their Instagram.

Of that small percentage, we’ve compiled our own selection of the top 10 most hilariously savage and jaw-dropping crashes you’ll ever see in skiing. After all, there’s nothing more boss than sending it as hard as you can for the boys, enjoy.

10. Tree taps for the boys

9. Dude where’s my skis?

8. Direct hit

7. Keep that speed up

6. 10/10 for commitment

5. Send it like Candide they said

4. Coming in hot

3. Ahh yes the naked double backie snow enema combo

2. “Just jib it for the boys”

1. Wait for it

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