WATCH: 6 Bonkers GoPro Clips That Prove Mankind Can Shred Just About Anywhere

It’s a natural human desire to go out and explore – to push the body and mind to its limits to discover new thrills and new places.

GoPro has been capturing these moments since 2002 and thanks to this nifty bit of equipment, dreamers like us can sit in the comfort of our homes (let’s face it, it’s usually the office) and watch in awe as men and women more capable than ourselves continue to shred in the sand, surf, sky, jungle, and beyond. 

These six videos are proof that this desire to shred can take us to the edges of the earth in mediums of all sorts – and the results are absolutely awe-inspiring. Some of these videos are a little slow to the point – so feel free to scrub on through to get to the point – but the content is definitely worth the wait.


Sending it on a snowmobile in Revelstoke, Canada

BMX parkour on the rooves of Gran Canaria, Spain (skip to 0:41)

Getting pitted in the green rooms of Namibia (skip to 7:04)

Kayaking down a mountain ditch in Lions Bay, Canada (skip to 2:02)

Tearing up the dunes in the Mojave Desert, United States (skip to 0:35)

Rocketing through a 2-metre gap in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland (skip to 1:28)

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