Images Have Emerged Of Kimi Raikonnen’s Poetry Book…And It’s Glorious

Winston Churchill once said “Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”, a quote which also definitely applies to Finnish Formula 1 superstar Kimi Raikonnen. Today that enigma deepens with images emerging on Twitter of Raikonnen’s new poetry book. 

The first page leaked by F1 pundit Will Buxton is a hilariously deadpan haiku entitled ‘Finland’.

in summer there’s fishing
in winter
the fishing is bad

Replying to Buxton, BBC’s Chief F1 writer Andrew Benson shared two more excerpts from the book, the first entitled ‘the circuit’.

narrow in some places
wide at the other
it depends
on where you are

And the second, entitled ‘helmets are special’

I wipe it
so that I can see better.
It protects my head

We can’t wait to get our hands on a copy if it’s real…and it looks real according to this tweet.

UPDATE: Looks like it’s definitely legit and is titled Winnow Your Words, Kimi’s Book of Haiku, based on Kimi’s Instagram post below.

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Shakespeare, Runeberg, Räikkönen. Photo: @calloalbanese

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