Kimi Raikonnen’s Poetry Book Looks Glorious

Kimi Raikkonen Haiku Book

Winston Churchill once said, “Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma” – a quote that also applies to Finnish Formula 1 superstar Kimi Raikonnen. Today, that enigma deepens with images emerging on Twitter of Raikonnen’s new poetry book. 

The first page leaked by F1 pundit Will Buxton is a hilariously deadpan haiku entitled ‘Finland’:

in summer there’s fishing
in winter
the fishing is bad

Replying to Buxton, BBC’s Chief F1 writer Andrew Benson shared two more excerpts from the book, the first entitled ‘the circuit’:

narrow in some places
wide at the other
it depends
on where you are

And the second, entitled ‘helmets are special’:

I wipe it
so that I can see better.
It protects my head

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We can’t wait to get our hands on a copy if it’s real.

UPDATE: Looks like it’s definitely legit and is titled Winnow Your Words, Kimi’s Book of Haiku, based on Kimi’s Instagram post below.

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Shakespeare, Runeberg, Räikkönen. Photo: @calloalbanese

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