Chelsea Midfielder N’Golo Kante Will Pay More Tax Than Amazon This Year

Earlier this week N’Golo Kante signed a new five-year contract worth £290,000-a-week, making him the team’s top earner.

However, he’s also the team’s (and maybe the whole country’s) top taxpayer. Since the 27-year-old Chelsea star refused to channel his annual wages of £15m through off-shore companies the way many high-earners do, he’s left paying a whopping £6.7m ($12m AUD) per year to the government in taxes, a number that dwarfs Amazon’s 2017 tax payment.

According to Amazon’s own figures announced in August, last year the company managed to only pay £1.7m in corporation tax. They had been liable to pay £4.6m following a 300 per cent growth in their UK profits but had managed to defer £2.9m of that through payment of shareholder dividends.

Though many tried to convince Kante to reroute his money to avoid such high taxes, he insisted on paying his dues to Britain and handing over £564,000-a-month in income taxes.

With a devotion that’s equal parts absurd and admirable, there’s one thing for sure: his intense desire to make sure he pays his way in the UK has definitely reinforced his reputation as the nicest man in football.

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