Melbourne’s Surf Park Urbnsurf Is Almost Ready For You To Get Pitted
— 10 October 2019

Melbourne’s Surf Park Urbnsurf Is Almost Ready For You To Get Pitted

— 10 October 2019

We first wrote about Urbnsurf in 2016, and now more than three years later, Melbourne’s much-anticipated surf park is almost ready for business after finally being filled with water this week.

A two-hectare man-made surfing paradise (almost the size of the MCG), Urbnsurf is l built at Tullamarine near the airport, just 16km from the city centre. When the massive water park opens this coming summer it will pump out up to 1,000 waves every hour, day and night. There’ll be a diverse range of waves you can surf, with beginners able to get their bearings on small rolling whitewater, while the pros can carve up two-metre barrels all day long. 

“Surfing is a sport and pastime enjoyed by millions of Australians, but getting in the water is often limited by geography, weather conditions, and having the time to chase waves,” explains Urbsurf founder Andrew Ross. “Urbnsurf unlocks these limitations by providing a safe, convenient and accessible alternative – it’s the perfect supplement for Melburnians, who have to travel hours to surf on the coasts, and will be a must-do for interstate and international visitors.”

So how does it work? An 85-metre pier with a number of pistons built into it runs down the centre of the crystal clear lagoon. These pistons push the water to the left then to the right, forming perfect waves for surfers to ride. The lagoon can accommodate up to 84 surfers per hour across four different surfing zones, so you won’t have to worry about missing out on a set or having someone drop in on your wave.

If you’ve had enough surfing for the day you can relax in a hot tub or grab some rays at one of many beach cabanas. For food, the two-storey restaurant Three Blue Ducks, the fifth (and first in Melbourne) eatery from chefs and avid surfers Darren Robertson, Mark LaBrooy and Andy Allen, will provide top quality grub to keep you fuelled so you can surf well into the night.

There’ll also be a surf shop, Lagoon Supply Co., and the ability for newbies to get some coaching before heading out on their board. Urbnsurf also hopes to offer live music, art exhibitions, and other cultural events over the summer.

Urbnsurf is set to open this summer. Learn more at

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