The Coolest Glacier-Inspired Sunglasses For Your Alpine Adventures
— Updated on 11 January 2022

The Coolest Glacier-Inspired Sunglasses For Your Alpine Adventures

— Updated on 11 January 2022

Winter is coming and that means it’s time to trade the surfboard for a pair of skis and make a beeline for the slopes. This time of year is also your ticket to swapping out the Havana turquoise wayfarers for some slicker, more alpine-specific sunglasses.

Normal sunnies struggle to deal with the glare of the sun reflecting off the snow during those long days spent in the alpine. Don’t underestimate a pair of polarised lenses with detachable leather eye-protectors that shield your eyes from the elements.

Whether you’re after a stylish pair to match your winter threads or solid eyewear suitable for all manner of outdoor activities, these are our top picks for the best glacier-inspired sunglasses you’ll find on the market today.

IZIPIZI Sun Glacier Plus

As a company, IZIPIZI has only been around for nine years, but in that time has established itself as one of France’s premier brands creating attractive and affordable eyewear. IZIPIZI’s Sun Glacier Plus sunnies are perfect for those who enjoy the snow with a vintage aviator shape and category 4 lenses that provide 100% UV protection.

BUY NOW ~ $112

Julbo Cham

This re-release of German manufacturer Julbo’s Cham sunnies is great news for anyone who likes 60’s-styled glasses. Not only are they alluring in shape, but the Cham’s come with Spectron polycarbonate lenses providing category three sun protection. Light and shock resistant, these comfortable sunnies are great for outdoor pursuits and come in a range of funky colour schemes to match any outfit.

BUY NOW ~ $179

Northern Lights NL 24

Designed with input from outdoor adventurer and photographer Chris Burkard, Northern Lights NL 24 style aviators have a vintage frame inspired by early explorers. Removable leather shields mean these sunnies can be worn during everything from harsh snowstorms to a solid apres session in the Alps.

BUY NOW ~ $230

Serengeti Leandro Glacier

Serengeti have been a leader in the optical game for over a century. The American brand claim to be “the most advanced eyewear” manufacturer in the world, and it’s hard to disagree when it comes to the Serengeti Leandro Glacier. The sturdy tortoise frame holds the unique Serengeti polarised ultra light mineral lens that protects against all conditions. A great pair of all-rounders.

BUY NOW ~ $387

Moncler ML0046

Franco-Italian label Moncler are clinical in their approach to naming sunglasses, keeping it simple with a product code such as the beautifully crafted glacier-inspired design of the ML0046. The frames are crafted from premium cellulose acetate, ultra-lightweight titanium and stainless steel, while the lenses are constructed from impact and scratch resistant materials with 100% UV protection. A modern and well-made pair of sunnies from the Italian fashion giants that’ll look just as home in the streets of alpine towns in the Dolomites as they will backcountry touring across jagged peaks.

BUY NOW ~ $447

Vuarnet Edge

Created by French optometrist and ski enthusiast Roger Pouilloux in 1959, Vuarnet is one of the top-grade optical brands going around. Pouilloux invented luminous Skilynx mineral glass lenses for his product that not only provide protection from the sun, but allow for greater vision on overcast days. The company continues to deliver high-quality sunnies at a price that’s not extortionate for the tech they sport.

BUY NOW ~ $536

Vuarnet Glacier XL

If these look familiar it’s because Daniel Craig wore a pair of these for his role as James Bond in Spectre. Vuarnet’s Glacier XL sunglasses have been around since the 70’s and are well known for their iconic style. Made in France from mineral glass as opposed to standard polycarbonate lenses, these sunnies are scratch and shock resistant and contain an anti-reflective coating to stop even the harshest of snow and sun glares. While they won’t turn you into a super spy, Glacier XL’s will protect your eyes and keep you looking as sharp as Bond on the slopes.

BUY NOW ~ $842

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