How To Dress Like Jason Statham
— 12 July 2023

How To Dress Like Jason Statham

— 12 July 2023
Randy Lai
Randy Lai

Despite what might best be described as a patchy critical reception to the many films he’s starred in over the past 25 years, few (if any) everyman would knock Jason Statham’s personal style — particularly when the big fella is living it up off-screen.

Adopting a relatively classic approach to the question of personal style, Statham is a prime example of what is possible (both casually and sartorially) when men remain disciplined into their fifties — even with a fully bald dome.

If you’re a fan of the Stath and his particular brand of understated personal style, here are a few ways in which you can crib from the grizzled British action star’s look.

Embrace Your Receding Hairline

One could easily argue that the Stath’s trademark on-screen feature isn’t his shredded rig, but rather his shaved (and possibly even aerodynamic) dome.

Instead of attempting to conceal his receding hairline, Jason Statham has been actively buzz-cutting his noggin since the 2000s. What really makes that work is the three-day growth he often sports: think of it as “contouring” for the follicle-challenged gent.

Working as an accent to his strong chin and cheekbones, the overall effect is a strong classically masculine look — evidently one that more than a few supermodels approve of.

A Tailored Suit With A Classic Cut

Jason Statham style

You needn’t scroll through too many photos taken by paparazzi in order to that Statham enjoys wearing classically tailored clothing. However, unlike many of his contemporaries, he keeps his approach simple: favouring suits (often two-piece) which hint at his impressive, chiselled physique; without losing their own sense of proportion.

Looking at those same images on social media, he appears to enjoy wearing cool hues of black, grey, and navy — often in conjunction with rollneck knitwear instead of the usual shirt and tie.

In terms of suiting brands, over the years he’s been a prolific supporter of Giorgio Armani; and is reported to have favoured a $4,000 ensemble from the Italian luxury house for his on-screen adventures as The Transporter.

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Aviator Sunglasses For A Bold, Timeless Look

Statham evidently loves a good pair of sunnies, with his preferred choice being the classic Aviator design. The action star has worn a number of different labels over the course of his style journey; but, more often than not, is papped whilst wearing Ray-Bans or the milspec US brand Randolph Engineering.

A really pivotal way to accentuate your outfit (particularly in the summer) we heartily advice you do as the Stath does and invest in one or two high-quality pairs of aviator frames.

A Great Mechanical Watch Is A Gentlemen’s Best Friend

Similarly to a great pair of sunnies, a classic mechanical wristwatch is an immense boon to your personal style.

For his part, like a lot of action hero A-listers, Statham has been an avid watch collector for some years now: owning numerous Patek Philippe Nautiluses (both complicated and three-handed); a Ref. 1655 Rolex Explorer II; and even a Jaeger LeCoultre Valentino Rossi — a tribute to the eponymous Moto GP legend.

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Leather Jackets Aren’t Just For Bikies

Another staple of the Statham look (and one that has a place in a lot of contemporary male wardrobes) is the leather jacket.

While the traditional denim trucker can feel a touch “Viva Las Vegas,” leather outerwear is comparatively easy to wear: a great statement piece to cap off a variety of casualwear.

Wear yours with knitwear and a pair of Chelsea boots for a louche evening look; or with canvas sneakers and a crewneck tee for assuredly bulletproof weekend style.

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