WIN: A $3,000 M.J. Bale Upgrade For Father’s Day

WIN: A $3,000 M.J. Bale Upgrade For Father’s Day

Randy Lai
Randy Lai


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Congratulations to the winner, Peter M.

Bogie and Bacall, PB and J, whisky on the rocks: in the tradition of good things in twofers, this month we’re celebrating Father’s Day with a brand new M.J. Bale collection and – if we don’t mind saying ourselves – a rather kingly giveaway.

In collaboration with the preeminent Aussie men’s clothier, we’re offering BH readers the opportunity to win a gift card valued at $3,000, giving you plenty of ways to upgrade Dad’s wardrobe – and perhaps even your own – just in time for Spring 2023.

M.J. Bale Father's Day

Trust us: based on a handful of the hero pieces we’ve seen unveiled in the recent Wanderlust campaign (shot on-location in northwest Italy) it appears there’s a ton of badass Bale kit for even the most fashion-sceptical patriarch to sink their teeth into.

We look at a few BH-approved standouts below.

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Leisure Suit Larrikins

Whether your old man’s a retired lord of leisure or reigning champ of the office pool, M.J. Bale’s latest Spring collection is full of garments offering coastal bliss on tap. Translation? Even if you’re celebrating Father’s Day down under, Dad can effortlessly wear the Dolce Far Niente lifestyle wherever he goes.

The brand’s Wanderlust campaign – shot by veteran photographer Morgan Pilcher (Métier, PORTER Magazine) – spells out loud and clear how these clothes are best enjoyed. Lightweight polos knit from carbon neutral wool/linens; fresco suits in shades of coral rock and sundrenched stucco; exploded floral button-downs that hold the mind’s gaze – these are garments fit for the Byrons and Shelleys of the 21st century.

Granted, not every Dad is going to enjoy this assortment of raffish casualwear and “feel-good tailoring” in the Gulf of La Spezia this year, but you can certainly swap out Portovenere for the beaches off Balmoral – and these clothes still work a treat.

Flax Flex

M.J. Bale Father's Day

M.J. Bale’s design team would be the first to admit that the crux of any seasonal collection is about nailing the small stuff rather than grand (and ultimately impractical) gestures. To that end, one of the signature releases we’ve been big on is the ‘Bradfield’

Your classic Friday-to-Sunday summertime essential, this season’s Bradfield avoids the pitfall of gimmickry in sartorial clothing – instead standing tall on the merits of material and variety. Available in four versatile colourways, each is cut from pure Normandy linen – sourced from one of two sustainable, family-owned farms in the heart of France’s historic flax-producing region.

Made with 18 stitches per inch in a single-needle construction, we imagine this is one all young dads are bound to enjoy wearing. Strong and yet highly breathable, wear one on baby duty, during your Saturday morning coffee run, and everywhere in between.

(Out Of) Office Attire

Of course, despite all our talk of Romantic poets and the Ligurian coastline, you best believe that it wouldn’t be a new M.J. Bale collection without fresh suiting styles, although the brand has sailed confidently into more casual waters for Spring 2023.

The ‘Fresco’, two handsomely worn-in suits in rustic cotton twill are sure to be a big hit during spring wedding season; but what we’ve really got our eyes glued on are a trio of new velvet jackets. Sartorial chameleons which elevate denim, fresco trousers and the sort of brilliantly sleazed-up shirts that are a habitual sight in clubland; each is an inspired gifting option if your Dad is of the silver (or platinum) fox variety.

Even the stuff which ostensibly looks like it was built from the ground up to conquer the 9-to-5 can get a bit Carlito’s Way when push comes to shove. The ‘Weston’, for instance, can be configured as a classic three-piece ensemble: but lose the tie; waistcoat; and kick on those mules you’ve got stashed underneath your desk, and you’ll be equipped for a good-sized Friday evening out. 

Like we said: there’s stuff for Dad, stuff for you; hell, even stuff that the two of you might enjoy wearing together. Sure beats another novelty t-shirt. 


Brush up on all of the T&Cs and other legals governing this giveaway here.

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