Pacifico Optical’s Slick New Frames Are Here To Refresh Your Autumn Look

If you’re like us, then it’s likely you cycle through pairs of sunnies like beers on a Friday afternoon. They’re the cherry on the cake for any man’s statement of style, and should be rotated and appreciated as such. 

Keeping it fresh and original into the new year is Pacifico Optical, Bondi’s local favourites we’ve been frothing on since day one. Off the back of their Summer 2019 collection, our home-grown spec makers have introduced tweaks to their frame thickness, changes in the shape, curves of the frames and curvature of the lenses.

Our picks of the bunch include the new Buckler ‘Burnt Oak’ with blue lenses, the champagne Yacht Masters with polarised brown lenses and the South 2 in a slick Miami-esque vintage gold. Peek our favourites of the new collection below, and then check out six affordable Aussie sunglasses brands you need to know.

Head to Pacifico’s website to snap up your next pair.

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