Uniqlo Launch Recycled Down Jackets As Part Of New Eco-Conscious Program

Uniqlo recycled down jackets

Uniqlo – which has now overtaken Zara to become the world’s most valuable fashion company – is ramping up its commitment to sustainable fashion with the RE:UNIQLO initiative. The program aims to repurpose clothing no longer needed by customers the world over; starting with Uniqlo recycled down jackets launching here in Australia next month.

From April 5th, Uniqlo will introduce the idea of recycled down jackets to domestic customers, taking another big step towards being eco-conscious, and keeping valuable resources away from landfills.

The recycled apparel will incorporate rejuvenated down taken from 620,000 jackets, which have been collected since September last year. And that’s just in Japan. Uniqlo will be kickstarting the same down product collection campaign across 21 global markets, including Australia later this month.

Customers will be able to purchase a Uniqlo U Recycled Down Jackets as the first item released under the RE:UNIQLO banner, although there are obviously going to be several more articles of clothing to come, especially considering the sheer volume of items available at any given Uniqlo store.

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The idea of recycled down jackets was first proposed by the Uniqlo U design team at the company’s Paris research and development centre, where artistic director Christophe Lemaire oversaw the concept. The commitment was then to turn these pre-loved jackets into fresh new, high-quality wear that’s equal parts comfortable and environmentally friendly.

When they launch, Uniqlo’s Aussie stores will be stocked with the entire range of these recycled down jackets, available in dark grey, dark orange, brown, and dark green.

And you’ll want to start looking for those old Uniqlo items too. Anyone handing in Uniqlo Down merchandise to store cashiers when the initiative kicks off will receive a physical $10 voucher. Although it’s worth noting these vouchers can only be used for Uniqlo Down items from the main range (and not on special offer) until the end of June.

Uniqlo recycled down jackets