10 Fascinating Facts About Scents & Smells
— Updated on 15 September 2021

10 Fascinating Facts About Scents & Smells

— Updated on 15 September 2021
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Boss Hunting

As far as the five senses of the human body go, smell is one that is criminally overlooked. At least when it comes to the hierarchy of deemed importance. 

We all appreciate a fine scent, sure. But there’s so much more behind the intricate science of smell that not everyone knows about. 

Here are ten fascinating facts about scents and smells.

You get a ‘new nose’ every four weeks

Your scent cells have a limited life cycle. Consequently, these cells are renewed approximately every twenty-eight days. So you technically get a ‘new nose’ around every four weeks.

The true power of smell in the human brain

Studies indicate that 75% of emotions are triggered by scents. This is also linked to pleasure, well-being, and even memories. 

The majority of flavour comes from smells 

The sense of smell apparently accounts for 75-95% of a flavour’s impact. 

The smell of BO isn’t from the sweat itself

The smell of body odour actually doesn’t come from the sweat itself. Rather it’s the result of the bacteria on your skin digesting the sweat, breaking down the proteins into certain acids which gives off a distinct and often unpleasant scent.

Sweat could be the new fingerprints

According to Israeli chemists, our diet, drug intake, gender, and even state of mind, all contribute to a unique sweat composition. Dr. Michael Gozin from the Tel Aviv University’s School of Chemistry is currently researching to map out the components of sweat, thereby creating ‘chemical fingerprint’ profiles. So we could foreseeably see a future where crimes could be solved by perspiration evidence alone. 

The fairer sex, the stronger sense

A woman’s sense of smell is far stronger than a man’s. And it can heighten depending on fluctuations of hormones. For example, a woman’s sense of smell strengthens in the first half of their menstrual cycle and reaches a peak when she is most fertile.

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Humans have one of the weakest odour detection games in the natural world

Humans have five to six million odour detecting cells in total. But by comparison, this is barely scratching the surface of smell potential with the realms of the animal kingdom. Rabbits have around 100 million odour detection cells, while dogs have an incredible 220 million.

Hotels around the world all have a signature aroma

Hotel chains the world over have all formulated their very own signature aromas. Sheraton, for one, has a scent comprised of fig, clove, and jasmine. Westin lobbies lean more towards white tea. And Four Points venues have opted to champion the smell of cinnamon.

Tears have a scent… and it turns guys off

Apparently, tears have a distinct scent… which is a major turn off with the male species. A 2011 edition of Science magazine found that when men caught a whiff of tears – from others or of their own making – they experienced a decrease in sexual arousal. Interestingly enough, there was no change when they caught a whiff of a neutral saline solution which basically has the same chemical composition as tears. But in all fairness, aromas aside, the mood tends to kill itself when someone is crying.

And here’s how all this can help you with the ladies

Social Issues Research Center has found that women are attracted to androstenol – which is a natural chemical found in fresh male sweat. So while we recommend having some good hygiene practices, it might be a good idea not to wipe away your natural sheen in a hurry.

Source: aromaco.uk

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