Discover The Mythical Universe Of Versace’s Masculine Fragrance, Eros – The Scent Of The Gods

Discover The Mythical Universe Of Versace’s Masculine Fragrance, Eros – The Scent Of The Gods

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Heroism has a name and a fragrance, Versace Eros. Inspired by the Greek God of Love, it’s a scent for the confident, bold and passionate man. It’s for those who appreciate the strength and opulence of the Versace Eros fragrance collection. Eros is, after all, the scent created by Versace – the stellar fashion house known throughout the world for devotion to pure luxury and the sophistication of men’s fashion.

The Eros man embraces the Versace style. He’s a devotee of rich and sensual fabrics, exquisitely cut suits, perhaps with an unexpected splash of colour to amplify his confidence. He lives a rich and creative life and commands attention wherever he goes because his presence is, quite simply, compelling.

A Scent Trail Worth Following

Versace now launches a new edition to the Eros fragrance range, Eros Parfum, in honour of the 10th anniversary of the first Eros fragrance being unleashed in the world. It leaves a captivating scent in its wake – an Aromatic Fougere aroma redolent with a herbaceous and woody scent. It sparkles with the fresh citrus notes of the Amalfi coastline with lemon and mandarin essence, along with litsea cubeba – a little like lemongrass (painstakingly distilled from the South Asian tree of the same name).

Also at play are elemi oil and black pepper with middle notes of pomarose, geranium, lavender and sage with a base of benzoin resin and vanilla. These sensual elements were masterminded by Donatella Versace herself – the Artistic Director and Vice President of the brand.

“Eros, like the Greek God of Love, is passionate, heroic and romantic,” she says. “I chose its ingredients to convey a unique feeling of confidence and inner strength.”

The mystic woody notes bring richness and an addiction to the intensified sensuality of the fragrance. Versace Eros was then created by the famous nose, Aurelien Guichard – the perfumer whose handwriting’ is contrasted by the mysterious woods of the scent.

Versace Eros

The Eros Parfum Bottle – A Trophy He’ll Be Proud To Display

The exquisite sculptural Versace Eros Parfum bottle is a bold, masculine shade of blue – the crystalline blue of the Mediterranean, which evokes the dreamy Italian summer lifestyle. The sparkling intense blue bottle pays homage to the Greco-Roman art and culture of the House of Versace, where no design details are left to chance.

The charming strength of Eros’ is enhanced by the mystique of the Medusa that emerges from the centre of the bottle, surrounded by the fashionable Greek key design. The name of the fragrance, Versace Eros Parfum, is scripted in gold, while the cap, inlaid with the Medusa, is like a precious jewel cast in gold and wrapped in blue like a symbolic gift to the gods.

This attention to detail is mirrored in the Versace Eros Parfum packaging, reflecting the elements of the bottle. Here the Medusa and the Greek Key are skillfully balanced in contrasting prominence and vibrancy to enhance the new masculinity. However, this entrancing fragrance will not remain under wraps for very long.

The Embodiment Of Versace Eros

The face of the fragrance is American model Brian Shimansky, whose classic chiselled features exemplify an adonis with incredible strength and virility. He stars in an advertising campaign shot in London by photographers Mert & Marcus, under the creative direction of Donatella Versace. Versace Eros has now made Brian Shimansky a symbol of masculinity and virility right around the world.

This is only fitting since, according to Donatella, Eros is a fragrance “for a man who is his own master. He is a hero and a man who defends his ideas and goals,” she says.

Give The Gift of Eros with The New Parfum

Bestow the most important man in your life with this new Oriental obsession where unprecedented desire emanates from within. After all, every man deserves his place in the mythical universe of Versace. It grants him permission to manifest his inner strength along with his charm and passion in this fragrance named after the God of Love. Versace Eros Parfum is both an acknowledgment and a tribute to masculinity in all of its facets. It’s an element of charm bringing love, passion, beauty and seduction splendidly to the fore.

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