Mark Webber

Friday Sharpeners S2 E10: F1 Politics, Porsche And Passion Projects With Mark Webber

In these unprecedented times, the boys have spent the entire week working from home, leaving the old Crown St podcast…

Friday Sharpeners S2 E9: Incredible Scenes (Live From Melbourne)

What a week. Firstly, let’s start by apologising for the quality of this podcast, we’re working with a roaming setup…

Friday Sharpeners S2 E8: The BH Return, John’s Utah Trip, Coronavirus, & A Whole Lot Of Cars

Last week was poor form on our part – apologies.

Friday Sharpeners Season 2 Episode 5: Gavin Rubinstein Responds To Our Article

You commented, and he answered.

Friday Sharpeners S2 Ep 3: UFC 246, Merivale’s Pricey New Setup, & Long Weekend Hype

Yet another big week with a hopefully bigger weekend ahead of us.

Friday Sharpeners Season 2 Ep. 2: Bushfire Special

In case you haven’t heard, we’re fundraising for bushfire relief. Tune in to find out more.

Friday Sharpeners Season 2: New Year, New Sharpeners

We’ll be delving into the hard topics yet again in 2020.

Friday Sharpeners Ep. 23: The Year In Review

This podcast is the best of 2019 in 36 minutes.

Friday Sharpeners Ep. 22: Sporty SUVs & The Shape Of Summer

The summer of art.

Friday Sharpeners Ep. 21: Dusty Martin, No Time To Die, and a Floating Cricket Pitch

In the eclectic new direction that Friday Sharpeners has taken, Jack, Antonio, and Garry cover the week at Boss Hunting HQ.

Friday Sharpeners Ep. 20: A New Direction For The Podcast

20 episodes in, we welcome a new direction for the future of Friday Sharpeners.

Friday Sharpeners Ep. 19: Hunting For The Perfect Burger With Kieran Warwick & Ross Kemp

From bankrolling a passion to finding the ‘unicorn’, Kieran Warwick and Ross Kemp join us to talk all things Burger Collective.