Gladiator 2 Sequel

‘Gladiator II’ Has Been Fully Written, Says Ridley Scott

UPDATE [15/11/21]: Two months after alluding to the fact the screenplay for a Gladiator sequel was in the process of…

Gladiator 2 Chris Hemsworth Russell Crowe

Chris Hemsworth Rumoured To Star In ‘Gladiator 2’

There certainly hasn’t been any shortage of industry whispers regarding a sequel to Ridley Scott’s legendary 2000 blockbuster Gladiator starring…

Colosseum, Rome Restoration 2023 - Gladiator

The Colosseum Is Being Restored To Host Events By 2023

Italy’s government is currently searching for engineers to restore the Colosseum in Rome by 2023, specifically by rebuilding the retractable…

Russell Crowe Recalls The Original Script For Gladiator Being “So Bad”

Ridley Scott’s Gladiator has been immortalised within the pantheon of legendary-tier films. But you may be surprised to discover there…

Jeep Just Dropped A ‘Groundhog Day’ Sequel With Bill Murray In Their Super Bowl Ad

“That’s different.”

Getting Muddy With The All-New Jeep Gladiator In New Zealand

After three days of driving the Gladiator across a very wet New Zealand, I was sold, and I can see a whole lot of Aussies feeling the same way.

Gladiator 2 Is In The Works With Ridley Scott

A sequel for the colossal 2000 Oscar-winning film Gladiator is reportedly in the works with Ridley Scott at the helm.

‘Gladiator’ Chariot, Don Bradman’s Bat For Sale At Russell Crowe’s Divorce Auction

Russell Crowe is set to have a “divorce auction”, and the items up for bid are more than a little interesting.