Rolex was founded as Wilsdorf and Davis by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis in London in 1905, but has been headquartered in Geneva since moving there after World War I. Rolex remains one the most highly sought and best known luxury watchmaker in history, with a reputation for strength and accuracy across collections including Sky-Dweller, Oyster Perpetual, Datejust, Sea-Dweller, Explorer, and Submariner.

Rolex price increase

Rolex Just Increased Their Prices, But Only For The Watches You Actually Want

Much to the disappointment of anyone waiting for the call to tell them their Rolex has been delivered, the Genevan…

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You Want A Steel Rolex Because It’s Not Cool To Not Want A Steel Rolex

Real talk.

Steph Curry Rolex 1

Steph Curry Gifts Teammates Custom Rolexes To Celebrate 3-Point Record

History was made at Madison Square Garden during the Golden State Warriors’ recent 105-69 victory against the New York Knicks….

Chronext Advent Calendar

The $3.6 Million Advent Calendar Packed With Dream Watches

Luxury online marketplace CHRONEXT is – yet again – counting down the days until Christmas in a rather unique fashion….

Keanu Reeves Rolex Submariner John Wick Chapter 4 Stunt Crew

Keanu Reeves Surprises Entire ‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ Stunt Team With Rolex Submariners

In line with his reputation for being overwhelmingly generous, Keanu Reeves has celebrated the completion of John Wick: Chapter 4…

Why You Cant Buy A Brand New Rolex

Rolex Explains Why It’s So Hard To Buy Their Most Popular Watches

The reason why a good majority of the world finds it so hard to buy a brand new Rolex isn’t…

Rolex Deep Sea Special auction

Rare Rolex Dive Watch Estimated To Fetch Over $3.5 Million At Auction

In the world of Rolex, dive watches are some of the hottest property in the game. And in a world…

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The 15 Most Expensive Watches Ever [2021 Edition]

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The Best Watches For Men [2022 Buyers Guide]

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New Rolex Submariner

New Rolex Submariner Unveiled: 8 Fresh Faces For 2020

The most famous watch in the world has received a much-speculated update for 2020, alongside a handful of accompanying models…

Seiko Prospex SNR045J1

The Seiko Prospex SNR045J1 Is A Connoisseur’s Hulk Substitute

Seiko’s quest to shift both their cachet and price point has taken another giant leap forward with the launch of…

Rolex Daytona With Lapis Lazuli Dial Shatters Auction Records

A Rolex Cosmograph Daytona with a showstopping lapis lazuli hard stone dial has been causing quite the stir. Having drawn…