Barranca Kangaroo Valley Is Bucolic Perfection Two Hours From Sydney

With international travel grounded indefinitely, Aussies are increasingly in search of holiday destinations that offer something a bit different from the norm. Fortunately for Sydneysiders, there’s been a huge range of accommodation options open up near the Harbour City – none more impressive than Barranca, in Kangaroo Valley on the fringes of the Southern Highlands towards the Northern end of the South Coast.

Located on 400 of the valley’s finest hectares, Barranca is home to two luxurious two-bedroom villas, and two four-bedroom villas, each replete with MCM House furniture, spacious bathrooms, a fire-pit, a BBQ, and of course Wi-Fi for those who have trouble disconnecting (although with views like these, it’s easy to forget you even own a phone).

Upon arrival, guests are treated to a fridge stocked with local artisan produce and greeted by the resident livestock – including the largest horse in Australia – Stormy George.

Once you’ve settled in, it’s just a matter of deciding how much or little you’d like to do. It’s very easy to do not much at all, and just take in the surrounds, sitting by the fire-pit with a glass of wine in hand, and get an in-villa massage to round out the day. For the more adventurous, you can go for a swim in the creek at the bottom of the property, feed the local pig, or explore the stunning Kangaroo Valley region.

Rates start at $450 per villa per night, book via the link below, or for other ideas, explore our weekend guide to the stunning South Coast.