Croatian ‘Game Of Thrones’ Castle Is A Luxury Rental Villa

Croatian ‘Game Of Thrones’ Castle Is A Luxury Rental Villa

While many of Game of ThronesEuropean filming locations are no secret to the casual observer, there still remain a few quiet corners of the continent that few have recognised from the HBO television fantasy drama.

The Watercastle House in Croatia is one of those, a 16th-century fort on the Adriatic coast that served as the set for the city of Braavos.

Commanding expansive views of nearby Split and the Bay of Kastela, the ancient structure exudes both fairytale charm and medieval force.

A two-bedroom, four-person capacity boutique villa sits inside the castle and is available to rent this summer in all its authentic glory. That’s at least from the outside – as the interiors have been fully redone in an effort to bring modern, aquatic-themed luxury to a historically preserved building.

Its white, brownstone and warm wood colour palette is “playfully punctuated by bright blue accents in the form of velvet throw pillows and decorative vases,” quotes the rental agency’s website.

The Watercastle House is “simultaneously quaint and prodigious… that expertly manages to honor its past while providing 21st-century luxury.”

Currently, is showing availability for the first half of September, but you better get in quick, as the €300 p/n rate is sure to turn the heads of most fans of the television show from around the world.

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