You Can Now Ride A Zip Line Off The Eiffel Tower (And It’s Free)

The Eiffel Tower, jewel of the city of light, is the most popular tourist attraction in the world with more than 7 million visitors each year, and to celebrate the French Open they’ve gone and installed a zip line to make it even more appealing to visitors.

Set up by sparkling water behemoth Perrier, the aptly named ‘Le Perrier Smash’ takes riders soaring 115 metres above the ground at speeds of up to 90km/h and stretches over more than 800m starting at the tower, speeding across Le Champs de Mars (the big grassy area at the foot of the tower), and finishing up at L’École Militaire.

Le Perrier Smash is open until June 11 and yep, is free to use, but like anything in Paris during Summer, expect lengthy queues. Although something this cool might just be worth lining up for if you happen to be in Paris this week.