The Interiors Of Embraer’s New Private Jets Is Styled Off The Beaches Of Brazil

You may have heard of private jet manufacturer Embraer, but what you likely didn’t know was that the company is, in fact, Brazillian, and they’re proud of it.

With the announcement of its latest mid-sized range of private jets, the Praetor 500 and Praetor 600, Embraer has also revealed uniquely Brazillian interiors. What are updates of the Legacy 450 and Legacy 500 jets and named after Ancient Roman elite, the new jets will also boast new technology that reduces turbulence so passengers don’t spill their Dom PĂ©rignon while cruising at 40,000 feet.

Both planes are powered by a pair of Honeywell HTF 7500F turbofan engines and can fly much further than the models they are based upon. The Praetor 500 is capable of travelling nearly 6,000km, more than 480km further than the Legacy 450, and the Praetor 600 nearly 7,250km, which is almost 1,450km more than the Legacy 500. Both can make the jumps across the pond from continental North America to Europe effortlessly.

The Bossa Nova interior of each plane is courtesy of design boss Jay Beever who says he was inspired by Brazil’s beautiful beaches. The seat patterns are made to resemble the stone walkways near Ipanema beach in Rio de Janerio while Beever says the silk and wool carpets are “an abstract interpretation of the glowing light reflecting off the ripples in the ocean on a perfectly calm day.” If you say so, mate. 

As you’d expect neither aircraft is cheap, with the Praetor 500 going for US$16,995,000 and the Praetor 600 a cool US$20,995,000. It’ll also cost you an extra US$750,000 for the Bossa Nova interior, which, let’s be honest, is pocket money to anyone who can afford one of these luxury jets. 

Check out the Brazillian beach-inspired interior of the deluxe private jets below.