There’s A Right Way & There’s A Wrong Way To Travel Around Europe This Summer

There’s A Right Way & There’s A Wrong Way To Travel Around Europe This Summer

Chris Singh
Chris Singh


Holding the key to over 40,000 destinations across 33 countries in Europe may sound like a fantasy, yet that’s exactly what you’ve got in your hands with the Eurail Global Pass. Not only does this holy grail of transit tickets give you unlimited access to popular trains like France’s TGV, Spain’s AVE, and the French-Belgian train Thalys, but also the reigning king of European transit Eurostar.

What Is The Eurostar?

For those unfamiliar, the Eurostar is a high-speed passenger train that began limited services between London, Paris, and Brussels in 1994 before becoming a full daily service just a year after. The impressive train, which dips through the Channel Tunnel at speeds of up to 300 km/h, is now the most popular — and smartest — way to work yourself around Western Europe; offering quick travel between cities like London, Paris, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Brussels.

Any Eurotrip veteran will tell you that you’re doing it wrong if you’ve chosen to forego the timeless romanticism of train travel on the continent. What’s the alternative? Having to be at an out-of-town airport hours before your flight with baggage fees, security, tight schedules, and a proper waste of a day.

As we’ve previously covered here at BH, short-haul flights rarely make sense if you’ve got a perfectly good rail route as an alternative. In fact, some governments are now moving to ban short-haul flights to push travellers towards the more ecologically sustainable method of rail travel. In other words, it’s worth shifting your mindset from planes to trains sooner rather than later.

Transit is rarely beautiful, but the convenience granted by choosing rail over plane is as satisfying as that first bite of rich, warm Dutch pancakes.

What Are The Eurostar Routes?

From London and Paris to Brussels and Amsterdam, the major Eurostar destinations reads like the greatest hits of Western Europe.

And in light of the European Commission greenlighting a merger between Eurostar International and Thalys Group — operating under the name Eurostar Group — you can expect cities like Cologne and Dusseldorf to join the network.

Pro tip: purchase your Eurail Global Pass from Klook before you leave for Europe and you’ll land on the continent with the key to easy, efficient, and stress-free travel between all of these cities, allowing you to tick more places off in a shorter amount of time. 

What Classes Are There Onboard The Eurostar?

While your Eurail pass includes travel upon Eurostar, you’ll still need to reserve your seats just like any other train across Europe. 

Onboard Eurostar specifically, you’re looking at a choice between three cabins:

  • Standard
    The most affordable reservation to make, these are comfortable seats with plenty of legroom. Although some may not have power sockets and all of them require you to check in at least 45 minutes before departure.
  • Standard Premier
    It costs a bit more but offers more legroom, power sockets for every seat, and a complimentary light meal during your journey. You are, however, looking at the same check-in time as a Standard seat.
  • Business Premier
    Although the seats are the same as Standard Premier, this offers the most flexibility and is the recommended reservation to make if you know you’re going to want/need extra time to explore the surroundings before arriving at the station. You can arrive 10 minutes before departure and board via the Business Premier Lounge for extra privacy. You’ll also get a full three-course meal once onboard.

What Kind Of Costs Am I Looking At?

While the cost of a reservation on your Eurostar service of choice will always vary, you’re looking at a flat rate for the Eurail Global Pass that’ll get you onboard all these super convenient train routes.

On Klook, you’re looking at as little as $394.35 for the Eurail Global Pass. That price tag is for a regular fare in second class with a flexible validity of any four days in the one month. Of course that price increases if you want to stack on more time.

The most expensive option gives you a full three months validity in first class for $1,842.85. The range is quite wide, so make sure you know how much validity you actually want on your pass before you commit to a purchase.

You also need to consider how many European cities you’ll be squeezing onto your itinerary. If only two or three stops are on your radar, then you’re probably better off buying point-to-point tickets on Klook. If freedom is what you desire, then the Eurail Global Pass is the way to go as it’ll open up tonnes of possibilities for you to have a free-wheeling European summer.

Then there are the savings. The Eurail Global Pass doesn’t just include convenient travel across the continent’s impressively vast rail system. It provides sizable discounts on ferries, hotels, city cards, and other tickets.

Why The Smart Traveller Always Chooses Train

The truth is: flights within Europe aren’t necessarily as speedy as they’re made out to be. You need to rock up to out-of-town airports hours before departure time, which means restricted exploration time for you, with the added stress of baggage weight. Throw in the usual chaos of airport security, possible delays, or even cancellations, and it’s a certifiable nightmare.

In contrast, European train travel takes you from one city centre to another, meaning you’re immediately ready to seize the day. You can usually bring two pieces of baggage and a personal item, but ultimately, there are no weight restrictions. And as for security, check-ins at train stations are usually much quicker and easier to navigate. Plus you can bring your own food.

The best thing is that Klook will send you your ticket as an E-ticket or QR Code and that’s literally all you need throughout your entire trip. Simply get the conductor to scan once on board and you’re set — no worrying about all these loose-leaf tickets or stuffing everything into a travel folio and having to rummage through the Bible each time.

What are you waiting for? Head on over to Klook and purchase your Eurail Global Pass now to maximise your European summer on rails.

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