Lovers of the white stuff flock from all corners of the globe to tick another box on their list of unique places they've got a few turns in. Iran, Chile, and Russia are usually the common denominators for out-of-the-box destinations, yet few have the privilege to experience the goods in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).

Follow Britain's fastest snowboarder Jamie Barrow and his filmmaker, Jackson Kingsley, on their epic mission to explore North Korea in this video, in particular, its hallowed ski resorts.

After a brief stop in the DPRK's capital Pyongyang, a four-hour drive landed the duo at Masikryong Resort, one of the only ski resorts of its kind in the country. Snow sports naturally aren't an accessible past time for citizens of the DPRK. Thus, what eventuates is a fully functioning 'luxury' (take that word loosely) ski resort with not a soul in sight.

Kiwi skier Sam Smoothy did a similar trip back in 2016 with Red Bull, which you can watch below. North Korea's luxury ski resort is definitely one for serious shredders to add to the list.

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