Otis’ House From ‘Sex Education’ Will Be Up For Rent This English Summer
— Updated on 29 April 2022

Otis’ House From ‘Sex Education’ Will Be Up For Rent This English Summer

— Updated on 29 April 2022
John McMahon
John McMahon

Don’t beat yourself up if you somehow got hooked on Netflix’s teen drama Sex Education

We dabbled in the first episode only to find ourselves a full season down, wondering where the time had gone.

We’re also asking ourselves how the hell its (somehow) always sunny in West Country Britain – and why the hell does the high school look like it’s straight out of the San Fransisco Bay Area? That’s a question for another time.

Shot on location in various parts of the Welsh-English border, the popular television show from the streaming service just dropped its second season. Specifically, the areas around the Wye Valley and Newport region offer a lush, idyllic playground for the protagonist, Otis, and his mates to play out their drama-fuelled high-school world.

And while you unfortunately won’t be sipping coffee opposite Gillian Anderson (who plays Otis’ sex therapist mother), you will, in fact, be able to rent out the huge house from the show for you and your mates this English summer.


Situated on the hillside above the Rye river in Herefordshire, the “Chalet at Symonds Yat” is a 100-year-old Norwegian wooden house that was used for the exterior shots during filming, as well as the porch scenes between Otis and his mum. 

Boasting five bedrooms that sleep 10 people, the house is “perfectly placed as a base for the adventurous looking for an energetic holiday exploring the stunning Wye Valley and Forest of Dean.” The latter, coincidentally, was also used as a location for various Harry Potter films.

In more important news, however, the pub at the bottom of the valley, The Saracens Head Inn, is apparently bloody fantastic.

The house is undergoing maintenance at present, with the owner confirming to LadBible that he hopes it’ll be available to rent by Easter. Check out thechaletsymondsyat.com for more information.


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