Places to See: The Colorado River

Places to See: The Colorado River

Described by Lonely Planet as the “nerve centre of the American West” the Colorado River begins in the Rocky Mountains of the United States, before winding over 2,300km through deserts, lakes, and stunning landscapes.

From small beginnings as the meeting place of alpine creeks and streams high up in the Rocky Mountain National Park, to the dramatic canyons, white-water rapids and arid landscapes that define the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River is often labelled the “lifeblood’ for Western America.

With approximately 33 million people dependent upon the river for water, and over $26 billion produced in economic output each year, the river is not just one of the world’s greatest natural wonders, but also of vital importance for everyday living for millions of Americans.

As demand for water increases in drought stricken America, the level of human interference and involvement in the natural flow of the river also rises. Intense consumption of the river’s water supply has dried up the final 160km of the river, to the point that it has not met the sea since the 1960’s.

As one of the most picturesque and unique landscapes anywhere in the world, the Colorado River is a must-see for any traveller who admires the sheer size and course of natural history.