Around The World Safari By Private Jet Takes Flight In 2020

Abercrombie & Kent is no stranger to the luxury travel scene. The group is the creative genius behind excursions such as ‘The Arctic Cruise’ around Norway, Greenland and Iceland and a ‘Wonders of Latin America Excursion’ through Brazil, Argentina and Chile. Now, they’re upping the game with a worldwide safari of rare animals – all by private jet.

The trip begins February 15th of 2020 with all 50 guests convening in Seattle. The next morning, it’s wheels up as the 25-day journey begins with a trip to Japan before continuing on to China, The Philippines, Malaysia, India, Rwanda, Madagascar and Kenya, with each location showcasing a different rare animal as its primary focus. Animals include the snow monkey, giant panda, tarsiers and whale sharks, honey bears and orangutans, Bengal tigers, gorillas, golden monkeys, lemurs and the Big Five (lions, elephants, leopards, rhinos and Cape buffalo). Excursions include instruction in preparation of local cuisines using the finest of ingredients, guided walks through incredible historic sites and ruins, and the freedom to choose your own itinerary for a day or two in certain cities amongst other things. All in all, its a pretty epic lineup of animals, locale and things to do.

The 25-day journey starts at AU$205,810 and includes all of the flights, accommodation, food and experiences. If you’re looking to experience the world while seeing some of its rarest animals and have $205,000 to drop, this could be the trip for you.

To read the full itinerary, including all of the epic excursions included, hop over to Abercrombie & Kent’s page