5 Incredible Queensland Weekend Getaways

With international travel off the cards, there’s never been a better time for us Aussies to explore our own backyard. To celebrate the launch of the Brand-New Mazda BT-50, we’ve pulled together five incredible weekend getaways across Queensland to help you get off the grid, relax, and enjoy this beautiful country of ours.

Lamington National Park

Within Australia’s largest remnant of subtropical rainforest sits the 200-sq-km Lamington National Park, with winding roads, 360km of walking trails, deep valleys, steep cliffs and hidden waterfalls.


Mount Mulligan Lodge

At the end of a long outback road is the inimitable Mount Mulligan (or Ngarrabullgan). With a landscape almost 10 times the size of Uluru that stretches across dense forest and craggly sandstone cliffs, hiding at its centre is a luxury lodge of national acclaim.


Noosa Delights

The sun-devoted town of Noosa is all about endless summers, natural beauty, and a lively food scene mixed in with a bit of low-key fun. For a little respite from the daily grind, you’d be hard pressed to find a more popular recommendation than Noosa.


North Stradbroke Island

At just an hour’s journey from Brisbane, there’s not a whole lot of travel time required in getting to Stradbroke Island; a welcome gift considering the other-worldly beauty of this place will leave you soaking up every last minute of your time there.


Off-Roading On Fraser Island

Heritage listed as the world’s largest sand island, Fraser Island is an adventurer’s paradise, surrounded by idyllic waters, blanketed with lush rainforest, dotted with natural swimming holes, and alive with local wildlife.