You Can Take Over This Entire Luxury Hotel In Amsterdam For $1 Million Per Night
— 9 December 2022

You Can Take Over This Entire Luxury Hotel In Amsterdam For $1 Million Per Night

— 9 December 2022
Chris Singh
Chris Singh

Property buyouts have become a bit of a trend in the realm of luxury travel lately, although to date it’s mostly been with private island resorts. A legendary hotel in Amsterdam dating back to 1896 is the latest to step into the very niche market, with De L’Europe Amsterdam ponying up a deal that’ll let you and your mates take over the entire establishment for a cool US$1.3 million (~AU$1.9 million) per 2 nights.

That works out to around $1 million per night, netting you this 106-room five-star hotel for exclusive use. And while you’re capped at 2 nights, as per the official package being offered as part of the hotel’s 125th anniversary, the breakdown makes it much less intimidating.

213 guests in total can fit into the hotel, so that’s around AU$4,694 per person. Normal rates at the hotel start from around $1,000 per night anyway, so it isn’t that much of a stretch. The harder part would be roping in 212 of your mates to fly to Amsterdam.

The De L'Europe Amsterdam sits on the river and has been part of the city since 1896.
The De L’Europe Amsterdam sits on the river and has been part of the city since 1896.

The 2-night takeover will also get you a comprehensive itinerary curated by the hotel staff with various parties and amenities thrown in to help you make it as memorable as possible. This ranges a lavish Garden of Eden party designed by local florist Wunderkammer to numerous dining experiences at the hotel’s several restaurants, including the two-Michelin-star Flore. Guests will also have complete access to the hotel’s Le Spa by Skins Institute for any necessary post-party recovery.

Whoever is wild – and well-connected – enough to have 213 people buy out the entire De L’Europe Amsterdam will be given a number of one-off experiences around the city. You’ll be able to create your own personal fragrance with Salle Privée, the hotel will give you a unique 18-karat yellow-gold and sterling-silver tulip ring from renowned Dutch jeweler Bibi van der Velden, and you’ll also have a personal styling session with the former lifestyle director of Vogue, Valerie van der Werff.

After all is done and dusted, the hotel will then give you an over-the-top gift bag with a rare Ferrari collector’s edition book, a bespoke couture look from European label RVDK, a bottle of 40-year-old Scotch from Bowmore, an exclusive invitation to become a member of the Harper’s Bazaar Business Club with a vintage high-end fashion piece and, funnily enough, an actual artwork from the Ravestijn Gallery.

Do note, however, that it appears the experiences outside the hotel and the gift bag will only be for the person wild enough to fork out $2 million for the property buyout. Your 212 guests will have to make do with your company, the parties, the spa treatments and all that high-end dining.

The exclusive De L’Europe Amsterdam buyout package is available now through June 30, 2023. 

De L'Europe Amsterdam room.
De L'Europe Amsterdam inside.
De L'Europe Amsterdam bathroom.
De L'Europe Amsterdam reception.

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