The Swiss Travel Pass Is Your Essential Euro Summer Travel Hack

The Swiss Travel Pass Is Your Essential Euro Summer Travel Hack

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With its surreal snow-capped Alps and captivating stretches of countryside, Switzerland’s undeniable beauty has long lured travellers in search of their own postcard-worthy snap. 

Maximising the enjoyment of Switzerland’s epic landscape lies in choosing the right form of transport in which to explore it. The train is by far the most efficient and affordable option; and the Swiss Travel Pass (available on Klook) is the key to a smooth and fuss-free journey.

Best Places In Switzerland To Explore By Train

Not only does the Swiss Travel Pass provide you unlimited use of the country’s public transportation system — including trains, buses and boats — in 90 cities, but it also grants you free entry to over 500 of Switzerland’s most coveted attractions, including Chillon Castle on Lake Geneva and the Swiss National Museum in Zurich.

And yes, the country’s most storied scenic train rides are included in the Swiss Travel Pass pass. Mountain excursions to Rigi, Stanserhorn and Stoos are just a matter of reserving a seat in advance and then showing your QR code to the train conductor. The same goes for the famed Glacier Express and Bernina Express, as well as boat trips in iconic settings like Lake Zurich and Lake Lugano.

Save Money & Enjoy More Flexibility

The Swiss Travel Pass provides unlimited flexibility for trips ranging from three to 15 days consecutive days or three to 15 flex days (in a calendar month), meaning you can enjoy the journey without facing the inevitable and unknown obstacles of travel. Simply open the app and use your E-ticket or QR code as your gateway to seeing and saving around Switzerland. 

For those who like to cover costs upfront, so there’s less to spend on your trip, the Swiss Travel Pass can be purchased from Klook in advance, saving you from fluctuating exchange rates once you’re on the ground. 

Perhaps the most attractive thing about train travel in Switzerland is immediate flexibility, with the freedom to delay departure, investigate remote towns or revisit favourite destinations all prepaid and endlessly adaptable.

How Much Does A Swiss Travel Pass Cost?

Firstly you’ll need to decide what class you’d like to travel in, noting that First Class is roughly 50-60% more expensive than Second Class. From there, you can select the number of days that can be travelled consecutively, or flexibly over a calendar month.

If you plan on being in Switzerland for three days, a consecutive 3-day pass will suffice. If you plan on being there for three weeks, a flexible eight or 15-day pass would be a smarter choice, depending on how much you plan on travelling. 

The cheapest Swiss Travel Pass is a three, consecutive day, ticket in Second Class priced at the time of writing at $368.89, while a flexible version costs $420.35. A First Class version of the same flexible pass would cost $667.49.

Why Train Travel Beats Air Travel In Europe

The preferred mode of transport in Europe, train travel is especially popular in Switzerland as it adds stunning scenery to comfortable, convenient, quick, and punctual travel. 

It’s time to shift your mindset away from short-haul flights from far-flung airports to scenic (and ecologically sustainable) train journeys, leaping from the heart of one city to the next. With stations located centrally, you can maximise your time sightseeing, eating and exploring on transit day instead of organising expensive or stressful transfers to the airport, many hours ahead of your flight. 

With rail travel, you’re also not flying far above the scenery, you’re speeding through it. Baggage fees? Not an issue. Unpredictable airport security? Forget about it. Cramped economy seat? No time for it. Unwind and relax with space for your laptop and your legs. And when it’s time to eat, enjoy infinitely more selection and quality with entire carriages often dedicated to food and drink.

If you’re ready to pull the trigger on that long-awaited trip to Switzerland and value flexibility as much as you do scenery then head on over to Klook to purchase your Swiss Travel Pass.

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