A Look At Life In The Coldest Place On Earth

A Look At Life In The Coldest Place On Earth

Boiling water freezes upon contact with the sharp air, eyelashes turn to icicles, and thermometers break at temps of -62°C.

In the remote Siberian village of Oymyakon, chills that threaten to freeze eyeballs don’t stop the daily grind. What used to be a stopover location for reindeer herders wanting to water their flocks in the thermal spring is now a permanent home to about 500 inhabitants and regarded as the coldest place on earth. Those who live there continue to go to work or school (unless temperatures drop below minus -52°C) and winter days last for as little as three hours.

A new electronic thermometer at the village’s weather station broke over the weekend at a ridiculous -62°C, with some locals claiming they recorded it even lower at -68°C.

Here are some pictures of the coldest place on earth and the people who brave it on the daily, provided by ABC Stories.

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