Uber Pool Sydney Brings Cheap Rides Back To NSW

UberPool Sydney Return

If you’ve been wondering why you’re cheap mates have been cheering the past few days, it’s because Uber Pool Sydney is finally back. Uber made the decision this week following the city’s success in regards to quashing COVID-19, following a similar decision to bring Uber Pool back to Perth earlier this month. There will, however, be some caveats – at least during the initial re-introduction phase.

Uber has capped the maximum number of Uber Pool passengers. Instead of being matched with three other strangers, you’ll only ever be matched with two. This is, of course, to maintain sufficient space between you and any other passengers heading to the same destination for a measure of social distancing. Although it’s worth noting you can still request up to two seats in a Pool as long as you and your mate are getting picked up and dropped off together.

Uber Pool Sydney will otherwise run exactly how it first launched in 2018, offering a game-changing option that’s easily the most affordable non-public-transport way to get from point A to point B. Then you’ve got the efficiency of it all, with UberPool not only helping cut congestion on the road, but also working towards reducing emissions over time.

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As with ordering any Uber right now, passengers will be asked to confirm that they are feeling well and have taken all the necessary hygiene precautions before requesting a car.

If a year of absence has caused you to completely forget that UberPool was ever a thing, here’s a refresher on how it works:

  1. Select UberPool when requesting a ride and enter your destination accordingly.
  2. After a few minutes, Uber Pool matches you up with other riders heading in the same direction, before dictating a designated pickup spot nearby.
  3. Walk to the designated pickup spot and your Uber will collect you carpool-style.
  4. Save a few bucks by sharing the cost with other passengers.

Cheap rides home and more money to spend at your destination. What’s not to love?

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