Candide Thovex Does The Impossible On Skis

Skiing is one of the post popular winter sports going around. Irrespective of whether it’s the powder fields of Japan, the stunningly beautiful Swiss Alps or the ruggedness of the Andes, thousands will flock to strap themselves onto two planks of wood and fly down a mountain. Few can do it with the style and grace of this man. Watch Candide Thovex tear apart his home town La Balme ski resort in France with a video game like run featuring a double back flip, dizzying aerials and a cheeky run in with the police.

Oh, and then just because he can, he goes and one ups it by adding a cave, a gondola and apres-ski bar in “One of Those Days 2”. This dude is straight up silly.


Alex Brown

Alex Brown is a qualified outdoor adventure guide and is currently taking advantage of both this and his dual citizenship in the UK to explore Europe, living a life of fun times and adventure. Having just finished working as an Arctic Circle tour guide, it's now time to get back to backpacking until he decides he needs to mix it up again. You can check out his blog for his adventures and tips on perpetual travel at: