Garry first joined Boss Hunting in November 2016 as a freelancer while studying Criminology & Criminal Justice at UNSW. After stretching his legs with a handful of other companies such as The Motley Fool, various boring corporate entities, and marketing agencies, BH's prodigal son returned towards the tail end of 2019 as a fully-fledged Content Specialist - eventually promoted to the role of News Editor in mid-2021. Garry proudly retains a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu; with a black belt in pop culture and oversharing.

David Beckham Qatar World Cup 2022

Why Is David Beckham Facing Backlash For His $277M Qatar World Cup Deal?

David Beckham is currently facing criticism for inking a £150 million / $277 million deal to become a global ambassador…

BBC 100 Greastest TV Shows 21st Century HBO Band of Brothers 1

The 100 Greatest TV Shows Of The 21st Century (According To Critics)

Less than a week after we rediscovered its 100 greatest films of the 21st century, the BBC reveals the 100…

Mike Tyson Logan Paul

Mike Tyson vs Logan Paul Reportedly Scheduled For Early 2022

Whatever’s happening in the world of boxing clearly isn’t stopping anytime soon. Despite facing the likes of undefeated great Floyd…

gta remastered trilogy

‘Grand Theft Auto’ Remastered Trilogy Arriving Later This Year

UPDATE [11/10/21]: Rockstar Games has confirmed the Grand Theft Auto remastered trilogy – GTA III, GTA: Vice City, GTA: San…

The Batman Hot Wheels Batmobile R/C

Finally… A Batmobile You Can Actually Afford

Let’s be honest. If you were born anytime between 1966 to the early 2010s, chances are, you’ve fantasised about owning…

Uncharted Trailer Tom Holland Mark Wahlberg

WATCH: Tom Holland & Mark Wahlberg Bring The Action In ‘Uncharted’ Trailer

Over a decade in development hell, seven directors, and six release dates later, it would appear Sony’s live-action adaptation of…

Formula 1 Sydney Grand Prix 1

Sydney Grand Prix: NSW Plotting To Steal Melbourne Formula 1 Race

As if Melbourne hasn’t already been sufficiently kicked in the nuggets across these last two years, the NSW state government…

Matthew McConaughey Career McConaissance

How Turning Down $19 Million Changed Matthew McConaughey’s Career Forever

The McConaissance is something which could – and should – be studied in universities for an entire myriad of reasons….

Zayn Ali Salman 4 Year Old Footballer Scouted By Arsenal

4-Year-Old Footballer Scouted By Arsenal While Still At Preschool

World-beating talents like Michael Jordan, Mike Tyson, and Sir Lewis Hamilton didn’t just appear out of thin air… they were…

Wine Island Sydney 2022

Wine Island Is Returning To Host Its 3-Day Blowout In Sydney

Nothing says “we’re back” after two years of intermittent lockdowns like filling up your stomach with gourmet nibbles before getting…

Eric Bana Chopper 20th Anniversary - where can i watch stream chopper in Australia

‘Chopper’ Is Finally Available To Stream Online In Australia

In celebration of the iconic Australian film’s 20th anniversary, it was announced that Chopper starring Eric Bana was making a…

Kill Bill 3 Uma Thurman Quentin Tarantino

‘Kill Bill 3’ Is Back On The Cards, Baby

For almost two decades, Quentin Tarantino has been dangling the prospect of Kill Bill 3 / Kill Bill: Volume 3….