The Secret $66 Million Penthouse Atop Sydney's ANZ Tower

King of the city.
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Looking to be the top dog in the building housing one of Australia's big four banks? Well luckily the marvel that is the Sydney's ANZ Tower received a spectacular penthouse upgrade back in 2015. The "sky mansion" ended up on the market back earlier this year, putting it in strong contention for one of the priciest properties ever to hit the Australia market. 

Coming in at cool $66 million, it belongs to John Boyd, who created the monolith as part of a contract to sell the Tower development back in 2009. The 2000-square-metre complex is the only residential area available in the tower, including with it an epic 400m private car park to sort any CBD parking issues plus a plethora of specifically commissioned art deco furniture. It also features four bedrooms, a private lift, a conference room, a club-like study, gymnasium, a cigar room for those smaller dinner parties, and a swimming pool on the roof with two terraces and cabana lounge. 

Photos aren't enough? Check out the video below.