Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Unveils The ‘Swoopy Boi’ 31 Killstreak Unlock

Allow me to pose to you a philosophical question – what could possibly hold more destructive capability in the modern field of battle than a tactical nuke? The answer – one Swoopy Boi.

Someone over at Activision must be doing some pretty profound research into Australian urban warfare. Because Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has just announced something we hope to be a legitimate new offering, and one to be unlocked after a 31 kill streak – an assault magpie dubbed the Swoopy Boi.

The announcement hit Call of Duty ANZ’s official socials in the past hour or so, with a screenshot of the loadout menu (as seen above).

Call of Duty ANZ went on to elaborate on the Swoopy Boi, going on the record to state:

Regardless of whether this will ever truly become a material reality, it’s high time the international stage pay the Aussie ‘pie the respect it deserves. And you have to admit – this is some bloody good chat.

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