Sony CEO Confirms Six Key PlayStation 5 Features At CES
— Updated on 30 July 2021

Sony CEO Confirms Six Key PlayStation 5 Features At CES

— Updated on 30 July 2021

Sony has been incredibly hush-hush when it comes to the PlayStation 5, but that all changed last week at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s President and CEO, Jim Ryan, took to the stage at the world’s biggest tech event to confirm six new features we can expect from the most-anticipated console release of this year.

During Ryan’s short speech he told the crowd that the PS5 will include “future-proof technology” such as ultra-high-speed SSD, 3D audio sound, Ultra HD-Bluray, hardware-based ray tracing, and a new DualShock controller with advanced haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. In other words, the PS5 is shaping up as the must-have console of 2020, unless you’re an Xbox fan.

“With that foundation, PlayStation 5 will inspire developers to create expansive worlds with new gameplay experiences that are more immersive than ever before in how they look, sound, and feel,” Ryan said during the announcement.

Sony also revealed the logo for the PS5, which left many people disappointed due to it’s similarity to the PS4 logo. But as Twitter user @wildbergerrrr pointed out, the logo has pretty much stayed the same since the inception of the console, so there’s no need for gamers to get upset.

While Sony is yet to unveil the design of the console or its controller (check out these leaked images of an early demo version), with less than a year before its 2020 holiday release, we can expect more news on the PS5 in the coming months.

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