Steam Breaks Record For Most Players Online Ever

Steam Record

The world’s largest online PC gaming service Steam has been getting a proper workout over the last couple of days. With people under lockdown and trying to stave off boredom, it’s no wonder that the popular service was able to shatter its prior record of active users.

Raking in an impressive 20,313,451 active users on the 14th of March, there were roughly 6.2 million people actively playing games. Jumping up in a single day without any new releases is an unusual move for the platform.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was the most played game, with the eight-year-old title bringing in 1,007,062 players across Steam. Coming in at second was arena game Dota 2 with 701,632 and third was battle royale PUBG with 515,050 players. So now’s the best chance to join the rest of the world online.

All these record-breakers come at a time when gaming services are beginning to feel the strain of demand from those stuck at home, with Xbox, Nintendo and Playstation’s online systems experiencing issues over the past couple of days including login delays and services simply being down.

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