4 Life Lessons Every Man Can Learn From George Costanza

4 Life Lessons Every Man Can Learn From George Costanza

There are few mortals on this Earth with wisdom as infinite as one George Costanza. The very definition of an individual, there are innumerable lessons to be learned from this self-made renaissance man. 

Lessons that can be applied to everything from business to lifestyle, occasionally high art, and even in the case of naming your firstborn child. 

Here are four life lessons we can all learn from the one and only George Costanza. 

Value your own time


Time is a true commodity. Not cash. Not stocks. And certainly none of the material niceties we at BH are so guilty of coveting. One of the healthiest things you can do in this lifetime is value your own time. Even if it means separating yourself from the pack to kick your feet up, spend some time alone, and recalibrate to get reacquainted with what’s truly important.

Fake it till you make it


The more you examine successful figures and titans of industries, the more you will come to realise how much confidence factors into that million-dollar result. For all of you out there doubting yourselves at the precipice of greatness, take a page out of the Costanza playbook. Channel your inner Art Vandelay energy. You’re not just a simple shipping worker. You’re in import/export (of various goods – latex, chips, diapers, long matches, etc.). But you’re also an architect. And in aluminium. You’re so successful, in fact, that you have enough spare cash flow to donate to your philanthropic endeavours, The People Fund (“money for people!”). 

Back yourself to the max. Eventually, you may actually be hitting it out of the park.

Stand your ground when it comes to what you believe in…

There will be occasions where the world wants to steamroll you. Often times you’ll face a choice between stepping aside or being flattened over. These occasions are opportunities where you can really show people what you’re made of. When you can step up to the challenge and tell the world, “No – you move.” Or eat chips and dip the way you want to eat chips and dip. So go ahead. Double dip to your heart’s content. Risk being thrown out of the funeral. This is your moment (and yours alone). 

… but also own up to your mistakes!

There will also be occasions where you… how do I put this delicately… fuck it all up. These opportunities are just as prime when it comes to showing what you’re made of. Because it takes a big man to go through with a decision, but it takes an even bigger man to admit when they’re wrong. If you quit – you’ve quit. Don’t come slinking back, pretending as if nothing happened yesterday. Live with your choice and move on. 

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