The ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Trailer Just Released And It’s Incredible

This is it. This is what all those Marvel films and associated properties has been building towards. Ever since that fateful year of 2008, when the first Iron Man hit cinemas, up until now. Avengers: Infinity War is finally upon us, and the magnitude of it feels even more incredible than anticipated.

I’ll spare you the over-description and fan theories. There will be plenty of that between now and May 2018. From what has been shown in the footage included, all the stops have really been pulled out.

The return of Captain America under a new identity, having dropped his shield and ideology. Doctor Strange discovering a powered down Bruce Banner. Tony Stark breaking out the Hulkbuster suit. Spider-Man’s upgraded suit. Black Panther leading the charge.

Most notably, the arrival of Thanos. The villain of all villains, setting out to break what many have tried to before him. And perhaps even succeeding. This possibility feels even more grounded in truth and eventuality when you consider the recent confirmation that not everyone will survive this instalment. Only time will tell.

But enough from me. Watch the trailer below.