Behind The Scenes Of Mission Impossible: Fallout’s Incredible Helicopter Stunt

Tom Cruise has never been one to shy away from what can only be described as insane stunt work. And his commitment levels are frankly unparalleled. 

The veteran actor and known adrenaline junkie has done everything from dangle outside a plane, drown himself, break ankles, to undergoing extensive firearms training, even once posing as a deliveryman for months to learn how one can blend in… as the better kinds of hitman do (I assume). That last one may not sound as exciting as the others, but rest assured, the scariest thing an individual can face is a monotonous nine to five… so there. 

In this clip, we see Cruise actually pilot a helicopter unassisted as he portrays IMF operative, Ethan Hunt. The daring Cruise dusts off some Top Gun era aerial skills, and spirals about for a few loops to ostensibly shake the hostiles pursuing him. 

With the news of all he has undertaken for the upcoming Mission Impossible: Fallout, we can only imagine how the practical effect stunts will take it up a few notches for future instalments (as they always do). Perhaps we might even get see Tom Cruise actually in space one day.